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Most financial advisors, CPA's, attorneys, business men have gotten use to what they are familiar with.   The economy today is much different than it was 20 years ago. Hell it was much different 5 years ago. 

We have restructured ways to capitalize legally in today's economy.

Today, you are being left behind if you are not embracing specific wealth strategies in the new economy. Smart Currency Solutions is a private consortium located in Costa Mesa, California serving forward thinkers.

With over 150 years of combined experienced we have come together to create a creative co-op for currency solutions designed for the new economy.

The new economy is a global economy that has allowed new financial strategies to legally reduce your global tax rate in some cases down to 1%.

For those that are wealthy global nomads we provide you liquidity around the world.

The new economy is a world where the un-banked can hold unlimited assets outside of the banking sector.  We provide solutions for those from the cannabis space, to logistics, financial sectors, and any other space you can think of.

If you are in need of private and confidential liquidity needs, we provide consultation and options at no cost to you.

All businesses and entrepreneurs whether a budding startup or an established company with assets, will benefit from capitalization and currency secrets designed to minimize risk and liability.

Hi, I’m Jamar James, also known as the Currency Consultant providing creative solutions for my friends. I currently manage a Private Hedge Fund, and heavily involved in Crypto Currency.

I have come together with a few of my partners to solve a growing void in this new economy.  Private and Confidential meetings are arranged after verification of your needs.  We have put together a few days every month to meet in person with clients who need special circumstances solutions.  

Normally our clients are referred by past clients.  Family Wealth Management Offices, Divorce Lawyers, Business Consultants, and a variety of high level executives will benefit from our offerings. 

Below we have listed a few of our signature solutions

Take a look at

whats on the agenda besides



- Who We Help - Individuals Scared To Make The Wrong Move So They Do Nothing

-Globally Mobile High Income Earners Also Known As High Net-worth Nomads

-We Consult With Those Under Heavy Legal Scrutiny

-Cash Based Business Owners That Do Not Know Who To Trust

-Pending Legal Proceedings Solutions For Those That Want To Avoid Financial Ruin

-Those In Need of High Risk Payment Solutions and Risky Commercial Lending

-You Get The Ideal.. and many more.


- Let's talk if you’re starting from square one or you are out of options

- If You Are Up At Night Worried About What Going To Happen In The Future


- Why you do not need banking in 2019.  Learn why you should become your own bank from this day forward

- Did You Invest In Crypto A Few Years Ago and Do Not Know What To Do With It


- Learn how Life Insurance and Self Directed 401k Strategies Have Been Incorporated With Crypto Currency Strategies


- How you can use Leverage Installment Sales also known as L453 Transactions to minimize taxes on real estate transactions.


- Establish currency transfer merchant accounts and allow incoming funds to multiply. 


- How to accept payments in crypto and convert Bitcoin into cash same day. 


- Why every business entrepreneur needs to think of themselves as a Global Entrepreneur in need of Global Currency Solutions. 

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Friday, April 26th, 2019